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How to choose a neck massager?


With the increase of people's health awareness, more and more people are concerned about their health problems and are willing to take steps to prevent and treat neck pain and discomfort. Buying a neck massager is the choice of young people at present, so how to choose a neck massager? What hot models are worth picking up? As a senior sports rehabilitation therapist, I will solve your confusion through the actual experience and bring five super performance brand collection, I hope to help you!
Because the number of patients with neck disease is increasing, and more and more patients find that neck disease can also cause other diseases, which has a great impact on the quality of life. It is reported that there are 400 million neck patients in China, a huge number. The long-term use of neck massager can not only relax our shoulder and neck muscles to improve fatigue, but also have many beneficial effects on health, which we do not know. Here is a popular science for everyone:
Relieve shoulder and neck muscle pressure
Long-term poor sitting posture and bow, shoulder and neck muscles have been in a state of oppression, neck massager can effectively relieve excessive muscle tension, avoid and prevent pain, relax over-strained muscles!
Prevent neck disease
The use of neck massager, every day take a time to relax the tense muscles of the day, relax the muscles in time, can play a role in the prevention of neck disease.
Improve sleep quality
Neck massager has a good massage effect on the head, neck, shoulders and back, which can well alleviate people's sleep problems, help people quickly enter deep sleep, and alleviate symptoms such as insomnia and dreams.
Relieve body fatigue
When the shoulder and neck feel overwhelmed, this discomfort is also implicated in our physical fatigue. For office workers who sit on a chair for a long time, as well as teachers and drivers who work at their desks for a long time, the neck massager is a very good invention.
Promote qi and blood movement
Neck massager can promote rapid blood circulation in the neck through massage methods such as vibration and tapping, and effectively relieve headaches, dizziness and other discomfort symptoms caused by insufficient or obstructed qi and blood.

How to choose a neck massager? The products on the market are dazzling, and to help you avoid lightning, I have summarized the following 6 practical shopping tips:

1. Pay attention to the massage method
Physical kneading neck massager generally accepted by the Chinese people will be better, the harm is relatively less, the current pulse type current stimulation, the probability of damage to muscles and nerves is much larger. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a traditional kneading neck massager.

2. Choose the strength brand

Professional brands have a large number of adjustment indicators and technical optimization for the uniformity of massage strength, transmission frequency stability, kneading accuracy, massage depth and scope, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a brand with stronger professional strength.

3. Choose the massage with high precision
Products with low massage accuracy produce deviation and poor kneading accuracy during continuous massage, which is very easy to damage muscles and greatly reduce the actual massage effect.

4, pay attention to the uniformity of massage strength
Massage depth and strength is not the bigger the better, avoid choosing too highly recommended massage depth and strength of the product, but choose a better balance of massage strength and comfort. Otherwise, the damage to the muscle is not worth the cost.

5, preferably double motor products

Dual motors can reduce the load on the motor more effectively than a single motor, thereby improving the efficiency of kinetic energy utilization. After a long time of use, the attenuation of the dual motor drive is lower, the use of force stability is better, the overall noise is smaller, and the service life is longer.

6, gift selection compatibility is good
Neck massager as a gift to their care people, I hope it can be suitable for all kinds of people, who are suitable for use, compatible products should have all kinds of people need suitable strength, massage position and neck circumference size and so on.