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How to use U Shaped neck Massage Pillow?


In fact, after the U-shaped pillow began to become popular, many companies began to comprehensively upgrade and improve its functions, which is more representative of the U-shaped massage pillow, this product is in the original U-shaped pillow on the basis of the massage function, the overall effect is still very good, then how to use U-shaped massage pillow, how much money?
The use of U-shaped massage pillow is actually relatively simple, in the U-shaped massage pillow will be equipped with an operating keyboard, which will mark the switch, massage function keys, etc., directly after the U-shaped massage pillow close to the neck, press the open key, and then press the corresponding massage key according to their own needs, U-shaped massage pillow will automatically massage the neck, shoulders and other positions. The whole use is relatively simple and convenient, generally look at the manual or let the sales staff to teach it. As for the price of U-shaped massage pillow, on the basis of the original U-shaped pillow has a certain increase, after all, it is a new high-tech product, from the current market price point of view U-shaped massage pillow to maintain between tens to thousands of yuan, and the specific U-shaped massage pillow with the function, brand, safety and so on. The use of U-shaped massage pillow is relatively simple, we do not have to worry too much, U-shaped massage pillow each brand channel price difference is large, so we still need to compare when buying, according to their own situation to choose a cost-effective start.