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What types of massage pillows are there?


Pillow-type massage pillow: This kind of massage pillow needs to be used in a supine position. Put the head in a fixed depression, turn on the power, and the machine can simulate actions such as patting, pressing and kneading to achieve the effect of massage;

Portable massage pillow: This kind of massage pillow can be fixed on the neck, and the massager can just take a seat, which is more convenient. It can massage key muscles such as trapezius and sternocleidomastoid. However, compared with the pillow-type massage pillow, the range that can be massaged is relatively limited, and some acupuncture points and muscles of the head cannot be fully taken care of;

Massage pillow with warming effect: Some massage pillows have thermal sensors inside, which can enhance the warming effect while massaging, so that the shoulder and neck muscles can be relaxed under the warming effect. After using this kind of massage pillow, you need to pay attention to local warmth to avoid catching cold.