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Does a head massager work?


Head massager, busy life doubles the pressure on the brain, the head massager can effectively relieve the pressure on the brain, and restore physical strength to the brain through massage. The soothing and relaxing mode of the head massager helps the brain quickly relieve stress and tension through firm and continuous air pressure massage. The user has a very high sense of comfort, which can massage the acupoints on the head, protect the brain, relieve fatigue, improve eyesight, refresh the brain, dispel wind, strengthen hair roots, and prevent and cure diseases. Function: relax the mind, relieve stress, massage the head, promote blood circulation in the brain, relieve brain fatigue; regular use can keep the mind clear; it can also relieve headaches, dizziness and other symptoms, which is beneficial to relieve the pain caused by various factors pressure. It can also massage the joints of the limbs, which is conducive to relaxation of the whole body.

The principle of head massager:
Using the principle of traditional Chinese medicine meridian acupoint massage, acupoint kneading is performed on the five major acupoints of Baihui, Fengchi, Taiyang, Yangbai and Sizhukong on the human head. Comfortable acupoint kneading acts on the head of the human body, and there are three unique built-in music modes - yoga music, α brain wave music and nature music, soothe anxiety and let users return to a state of natural relaxation. Get comprehensive mental health while improving sleep quality and staying away from sleep disorders.
Is the head massager useful?
Regular head massage can clear the meridians and activate collaterals, which can strengthen the brain and calm the nerves, improve ears and eyesight. At the same time, it improves the blood circulation in the brain, increases the oxygen uptake of the brain, is beneficial to the regulation of the function of the cerebral cortex, improves intelligence and brain, enhances memory, relieves fatigue, eliminates tension and anxiety, and enables the brain to regain sufficient energy and physical strength.

1. Relieve fatigue: Busy life has increased many physical burdens. The fatigue relief mode is aimed at temple massage, which can relieve headaches caused by tension and pressure.
2. Clear thoughts and concentration: Soothing head massage can make you feel extremely calm inside, clear your thoughts and improve your concentration. Clarity of Thought mode focuses on Yangbai point massage to relieve eye fatigue and improve concentration.
3. Restoring the spirit and relaxing the body and mind: massaging the head can promote physical health, and the mode of restoring the spirit uses gentle and continuous air pressure massage to provide comfortable and effective massage.